Below are the new features that our application offers:

1) One-on-One video calling/chatting

The new one-on-one feature is a new way to enable our users to speak face-to-face and chat with the celebrant in a live event. With this feature, guests can send their wishes live to the main celebrant of the event, adding fun to the group. Exciting, isn’t it? You can enjoy this service on your device. Simply click on the video call icon to request for a video call and await approval from the celebrant in a short moment. Once accepted, you can talk or chat with the celebrant in a one-on-one video call

2) Send and Receive e-Gifts

As a user, you can now send and receive gifts electronically during important events, courtesy of CelebrateLive. A celebrant can receive gifts from guests during live broadcasts or on their profile if it’s their birthday ceremony. The most exciting part of this feature is that as a celebrant, you don’t have to necessarily broadcast to receive gifts for your birthday party. Gifts can be sent to you even when offline. Once the gift is received, it can either be converted to a gift card or withdrawn from the recipient’s bank account in cash.

3) Invite, Follow and Share Options

This feature makes it easier to make new friends, add fun to your life and more so, increase your potential to receive gifts. You can invite new friends and also follow friends of your friends to broaden your social life. While setting up your account, you are given the opportunity to invite your phone contacts via a free text message. You can also broadcast on social media platforms such as Facebook for other friends to witness and catch up if they messed a certain event. Inviting phone contacts increases the number of potential celebrants and guests in the community, taking fun to another level.

4) Signing Up With Facebook

Signing up can be stressful at times. To overcome this, a new one-touch Facebook signup feature has been introduced. It will only take you a little effort to click on the Facebook icon on the home screen then let the system fill in required details with reference to your Facebook information. Fantastic, isn’t it?

5) Report As Spam/ Block

If someone is distracting and annoying you while live streaming or they are streaming illegitimate content, you have the power to report to the administration or block them. Both report and block buttons are at your exposal to hit once you find someone annoying. Blocking someone excludes them from appearing in your live stream. Reporting them puts them on the blacklist and can have their account discontinued.

6) Reminder For Upcoming Birthdays/Events

With this feature, you don’t have to memorize your Friends’ birthdays or any other special events on your calendar. Our amazing feature is there to help you to keep track of such occasions. It arranges upcoming events such as birthdays are reminds you when each of them approaches. It does so in time for you to prepare adequately for the event. With our new features, just sit back and relax, enjoy socializing, make more friends and do things much easier. Life has never been full of fun this much!

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